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Pnl_sml---Home_ourpeople urlSometimes it’s hard to know whether  your new hires are really engaged and excited for their new role.

Unless, of course, you’re using HROnboard, in which case your new hires will actually tell you!

“Loved it!!! So efficient, easy to follow, concise and clear. Well done NOVA Entertainment this was impressive. Can’t wait to start!” was the feedback Kelly O’Connor received from a recently onboarded employee at NOVA Entertainment.

So what’s NOVA’s secret? What is it that makes their onboarding experience so much better than their competitors?

Join Kelly from NOVA Entertainment and Michelle from HROnboard as we give you the recipe for NOVA’s secret onboarding sauce.

We’ll show you:

  • What the onboarding experience looks like from offer acceptance to the first 90 days for the typical NOVA Entertainment employee
  • How Nova implemented an employee onboarding tool to transform their process
  • Tips, tricks and advice for you to apply to your onboarding process TODAY!


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