The First Choice Candidate
So you’ve finally found your perfect candidate for that open position.


Now comes the next step – getting them to join your team!


Are you now sending that candidate a large offer pack via mail/email with all the paperwork they need to print, read and complete?


Remember, this is the first impression you are making as their new employer.


Having worked in the past as a recruitment consultant, I’ve learnt the value of this first impression first-hand. Twice in one month I missed placing quality candidates in roles because their potential employers were viewed as old school, and as one candidate remarked, “How am I supposed to advance in a company that doesn’t advance itself?


It seems strange that organisations are now advertising jobs online, receiving applications online and managing candidates through e-recruitment systems, but when it comes to the most important part – getting the person onboard – they are sending out an envelope with a maze of paperwork to sort through and fill out.


Paperless onboarding is the difference between getting your offer out to a new hire in the space of two days versus two hours. It is the difference between a candidate sorting through a mountain of confusing paperwork to fill out and having it all laid out in front of them – online.


Let’s not forget, there is a good chance yours is not the only job this candidate has applied for, and your offer may not be the only one they receive. Now think about which offer this candidate will be most impressed with.


If you’re seen to be fast, modern and effective at getting things done during the onboarding process, your new employees will (funnily enough) perceive your organisation as fast, modern and effective at getting things done. From the minute they receive their offer, they’ll know you’re an employer of choice.


Feel free to review our free whitepaper outlining the business case for paperless onboarding to find out more about how you can keep those first choice candidates!

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