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marshmallow_HRO_update-700x469Our next HROnboard product update, the Marshmallow Release, is now available! The release notes are as below:

HROnboard IntegrationIntegration

You know HROnboard plays nicely with others. We’ve taken play-time to the next level.

  • CSV Export files are now available, which can include specific information about a candidate or offer (NOTE: Additional configuration charges apply for this functionality to be added to your environment)
  • List Offers API allows you to obtain a list of all offers within HROnboard
  • Get Offer API allows you to extract the detail for a specific offer, this information could then be imported into your HRIS or Payroll System

Candidate Portal Changes

Branding to your candidates is important. Marshmallow allows you to customise the candidate portal more than ever before.

The following text areas can be customised:

  • Supporting Information
  • Information Required
  • Acceptance Information
  • Pin Verification Pop-Up
  • Congratulations Message

HROnboard Form ValidationBetter Form Validation

We’ve made it even harder for new hires to incorrectly complete a form.

  • Digits validation added to ensure only digits are used if required
  • Minimum Length validation added
  • Automatically calculate Contract Expiry Dates based on Contract Date.

Legal Updates

Don’t worry about changes to legal documents – we’re on it!

The new Super Choice form has been integrated with HROnboard, ensuring full compliance with the changes in legislation. Fair work statement and Super – Your Money, Your Future have also been updated.

file_deleteNo More HRForms

We’ve integrated the functionality of HRForms into HROnboard, so we’ve decommissioned it. So long!

Bug Fixes

We’re all about continuous improvement at HROnboard.

Apart from a few minor general improvements, we’ve also streamlined the rehire process. Thanks for the feedback!

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