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The latest version of HROnboard comes with integrations to popular payroll systems, which means even more automations and time back into your schedule!


We work with different systems so you don’t have to. Set up these integrations and free yourself of manual data exports and updates.

Once your new hire provides payroll related information, such as their bank account and superannuation details, our employee onboarding software can now send these details automatically via integrations with Preceda, ConnX HRIS, and EmpowerHR payroll systems.

You can also choose what information you send to other systems, which means you can reserve sensitive employee details for teams that really need them.

Our integrations make it much easier to keep your systems up to date, while reducing the likelihood of any errors. These changes, and other new features we haven’t mentioned yet, are available in the HUG (HROnboard User Guide).

You can also learn more about the latest version of HROnboard at our lunchtime webinar on March 7 at 12:00PM AEDT. Tune in to our Customer Success team as they take you through new features and what’s coming!

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