Creating a templated and reusable induction experience for all new hires ensures consistency of core messaging and must-do activities. It also enables you to establish a minimum standard that applies to all teams.

Our Journey template in Welcomes by HROnboard ensures a consistent experience. And using Streams within a Journey enables you to change the experience for different teams or locations.

However, every new hire experience can be as unique as the individual. Your employees deserve (and expect) the time and resources you invest to make them feel special throughout their journey.

That’s why we’ve now released Personalised Journeys. 

 Personalised Journeys allow you to change the content and timing of your standard onboarding journey for a specific person. 



Examples of when to use Personalised Journeys:

Tailor the first-day schedule

Rather than simply an overview of what the first day might look like for new hires, you can now add information that’s specific to Sally when she starts such as catch up times and presenters.  

Create tasks or content specific to the new hire

You can now create content and tasks on an individuals journey that include links or references to information that’s only applicable to them.  For example, you might include travel itineraries for fly-in workers or a link to private cloud folder.

Ensure team leaders are aware of special new hire requirements

Belinda is starting on Monday and has been asked about dietary requirements. Let Jamie, the team leader, know in advance within his task  to “take your new hire out to lunch on their first day”

Speed it up – they’re starting tomorrow!

Forget a 4 week notice period, your new starter begins next week.  Your carefully timed induction program is out the window. Now you can remove content and tasks that aren’t applicable to speedy starters and customise the delivery dates of other information that suits the circumstances.

Of course, there are loads of reasons why you may need to tweak the standard journey.

We’ve also included some visual references on the new hire’s journey page to help you manage and track the changes.


We will be continuing with incredible updates to Welcome by HROnboard to help you further in creating amazing employee journeys.

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