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Over the past five years I have founded and scaled an employee onboarding software company (HROnboard).

In the early days our tagline was “Engage new hires. Set HR free”. The concept was simple – by automating and digitising a manual process like offers of employment would create benefits for both the candidate and HR.

As our sales team pitched to organisations, the overwhelming message from HR/Payroll teams was “Help us automate our manual and time consuming processes.”

As a result, we focused on emphasising the “set HR free” in our messaging and developed a lot of features that served this purpose.

And it worked.

HR loved the efficiencies of an onboarding platform – no printing or postage, reduced data duplication, less errors and faster turnaround times from candidates. HR could show management the FTE and cost savings to the business.

A side effect of HR focusing on process efficiency was the vast improvement to the candidate experience.

Candidates loved it.

Candidates received the job offer faster. They accepted electronically. The forms, while still required, were online, contained important validation and conveniently remembered details from the job application.

Efficient HR processes executed well drives employee engagement.

Five years later and the onboarding and process automation market has matured. A range of solutions exist for process automation and onboarding features are included in many end to end HRIS.

The HROnboard platform is broader and deeper as we continue to specialise in onboarding. We’ve rolled out an induction and engagement experience for new starters to deliver time specific content, suggestions and activities direct to phone.

Our tag line has also matured – “Amazing new starter experiences from offer to first anniversary” emphasising that job offer acceptance is just the beginning.

It’s an employee experience world now.

However, the prevailing pain point raised in today’s sales conversations still remains process efficiency.

I don’t mind – because I know new hires are the winners.

For inspiration on how to engage employees throughout their onboarding journey – download our free onboarding checklist. 

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