It’s important that HR managers regularly take time to reflect on what has worked well, and what could be done better in their organisation.

Having a review process in place helps to identify time-consuming and resource-draining activities and assists in finding better solutions that can improve business outcomes. One process that HR personnel know to be particularly arduous is onboarding.

Onboarding is important because it helps to shape and define the employee’s employment journey. A good onboarding experience is when the organisation has displayed a professional, organised and positive introduction to the new starter. Such an introduction likely leads to a longer and more mutually beneficial employment relationship.

A poor onboarding experience, on the other hand, may damage the employer-employee relationship from the outset, causing new recruits to jump ship prematurely. This is problematic, because high turnover rates are costly and can negatively impact productivity – not to mention the morale of other employees. 

The solution to ineffective onboarding practices is simple. Onboarding software, like HROnboard, takes the fuss out of onboarding. It automates time-consuming manual processes, meaning the onboarding journey is more efficient and engaging.

So, who really benefits from onboarding software, and in what way? Below, we look at the benefits for three key stakeholders: HR, candidates and managers.

The benefits for HR and hiring managers

  • It removes the complexity from onboarding – Every team, role, company and location has unique circumstances. Onboarding software allows you to personalise each journey to suit the needs of your team while creating an amazing employee experience.
  • It promises increased efficiency – No printing or postage, reduced data duplication, less errors and faster turnaround times from candidates = no headaches. With such a tool, HR can easily demonstrate cost savings to the business.
  • It keeps sensitive employee data secure – Sensitive employee personal data is stored safely on the software and is only accessible by relevant persons. HROnboard even offers customisable user management and visibility features.

The benefits for candidates and new hires

  • It improves the candidate experience – With onboarding software, candidates receive their job offer faster and they can accept it electronically – from any device, at any time. This significantly drives engagement as it ensures the process is as pain-free as possible, and that the new starter is prepared for their new role.
  • It drives engagement – Onboarding software has a number of features to pique the new employee’s interest. The software can be customised to provide the new starter with relevant information about the company, the office, the team, and other need-to-knows.

The benefits for managers

  • It reduces empty chair time – Finding the right candidate and filling position vacancies takes time. But with the help of onboarding software, the processes involved in moving a successful candidate through the onboarding journey is reduced – and managers can maximise productivity.
  • It empowers managers to become leaders – Remove the red tape and say goodbye to dreaded forms and admin by simplifying the onboarding process for your managers. Prompt them with reminders to undertake essential tasks before Day One of a new starter’s journey and beyond, and you’ll reap the rewards of them focusing fully on leading amazing teams.

Of course, the organisation as a whole benefits from onboarding software. It’s as simple as this: happy team = happy customers!

For inspiration on how to engage employees throughout their onboarding journey, download our free onboarding checklist here.

HROnboard, an ELMO company, offers a best-in-class software solution that reduces the amount of time HR teams and leaders spend securing the best candidates and undertaking the critical onboarding process for new hires. Our solution also helps manage internal employee role changes and can create a smooth and seamless process for exiting employees. To find out more, reach us here.

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