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As HR professionals, measuring the success of the employee onboarding process can take many different shapes and forms.

Some professionals measure specific characteristics of new hires, such as age, gender and location, while others pay closer attention to the number of offers made based on custom filters, like employment type, category, onboarding stage, and employee attrition in specific timeframes. There are also those who drill down further to monitor the total number of onboards, crossboards and offboards during a period of time. Indeed, the possibilities are endless.

For progressive HR departments who use best-of-breed solutions, ensuring smooth integrations and information transparency are key.

HROnboard plays nice with several HR systems, and we also see to it that each of our customers is able to export any and all fields required in recruiting, payroll and talent management software.


We think it’s important to continuously improve our customers’ abilities to manage and work with the data within HROnboard, so while our Product Team continues to build our integration capabilities, we will also start researching dashboard options later in the year.


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new-product-updateAnd to kick off that commitment to analysis, this month’s release has been heavily focused on data management. Specifically, we have improved the user’s experience when importing data, and released a brand-new detailed report.

You can read all about the new features and specific details included in this release in our user guide. We look forward to your feedback!



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