Wondering how to streamline your recruitment, employee onboarding and payroll systems into one seamless process? Too many organisations need to deal with poor integration between their HR systems, leading to needlessly printed forms, a backlog of .CSV files, and time-consuming data entry.

Roy Hill has been able to overcome those frustrations by building an integration between recruitment (SuccessFactors), employee onboarding (HROnboard, which was a recent addition to their processes) and SAP (HRIS/Payroll).

Why did they choose HROnboard to fill the gap between SuccessFactors and SAP? Not only does HROnboard offer a better onboarding process for Roy Hill’s unique requirements, but it’s built to integrate with HR systems. HROnboard has made it possible for candidates from SuccessFactors to become entrants in SAP without printing a page, working in Word, or importing .CSV files.

Find out how Roy hill created such an amazing process from start to finish in this free webinar recording.
Roy Hill

Join Peter Forbes (Founder & CEO, HROnboard), Christo Visser (Specialist, HRIS, Remuneration and Benefits, Roy Hill) & Helg Bredow (Integration Architect, Roy Hill) as we show you:

  • The system selection process Roy Hill undertook
  • Challenges in building the integration
  • How the recruitment and onboarding process works for Roy Hill today
  • Tips for building your own integrations between your HR systems

Watch the webinar here to learn how to implement such a smooth solution in your organisation.

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