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With Day 1 of SHRM 2016 complete, the next two days are looking to be even bigger, badder and more exciting than today’s knockout lineup of speakers and topics.

In case you’ve missed the fun, here’s a few of the highlights:

Alan Mulally & Mike Rowe Opening Keynote

Giving two very varied perspectives on work, the keynote from Alan and Mike was a great look into the value of smart job planning and good, honest hard work.

When you combine the two elements, you have a strong network of leaders who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty.

Pretty much everyone got something out of this keynote – a great choice of speakers!


Of course, it wouldn’t be SHRM without some awesome networking opportunities.

There’s a lot to see for the next two days, so here’s our pick for the ones you really don’t want to miss!

Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges

Amy Cuddy, Harvard Professor
06/20/2016 08:30 AM – 09:45 AM | WDCC Level 2, Halls D&E
Any tricks, tips or techniques to improve communication with your employees are going to incredibly useful to any HR pro. This keynote speech from acclaimed author Amy Cuddy is definitely an important presentation to watch!

Amy will be showing us how non-verbal cues and snap judgements can be used to influence how others think and feel. We’re 99% sure Amy won’t be using her superpowers on any of us, but still recommend you keep your wits about you going into this session.

How to Engage Your Employees to Make Better Health Decisions

Castlight Health
06/21/2016 10:00 AM – 10:30 AM | SHRM Exposition, Hall C
As always, anything that can improve employee engagement is a must-see in our eyes!

Castlight’s interesting approach to healthcare, combining benefits and health advice into one package, could be the future of healthcare for US workers (not too sure how it would work in Australia or other countries at this stage).

All HR leaders should be keeping up to date with the latest HR Tech innovations, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to see where employee engagement software is headed.

You Don’t Have an Engagement Issue, You Have A Hiring Issue

Bob Kelleher
06/21/2016 02:15 PM – 03:30 PM | Convention Center 202
Again, employee engagement is a big theme for this year’s #SHRM16 event. This one is doubly worth going to be cause it will count towards your SHRM accreditation.

Bob from the Employee Engagement Group will give you the tools to work out whether you have a hiring problem, an engagement problem or both. He’ll also be talking about cultural fit, which plays a big part in managing the overall engagement of your workforce.

(If you’re wondering why we’re so big on employee engagement, HROnboard is employee onboarding software designed to give employees a great onboarding experience. You can watch a video here.)

What else are you looking forward to seeing? Let us know in the comments below!

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