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Our latest release, Snakes Alive, is here!

Snakes Alive brings some of the most anticipated new features ever to HROnboard including: Offboarding, Auto-complete contracts, a Streamlined review process and much more!


Now in Snakes Alive, HROnboard does twice as much!

Offboard employees in a structured, consistent manner using the HROnboard exit portal.


ContractsAuto-complete your uploaded contracts

Our Load Your Own Contracts feature just became more powerful than ever. Use placeholder text to have HROnboard automatically complete the employee’s name, acceptance status, job title and more!


Even more features:


Streamlined Review Process



Export multiple CSVs at once



More customisation


Online Demonstration

While you can check out our full release notes to see all the other new additions and improvements to HROnboard, we think the best way to introduce you to the new HROnboard is to show you!

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