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Tatts Group is a well-known Australian brand whose history spans more than 120 years.

Since their founding in 1881, Tatts Group have become Australia’s leading gaming operator, running lotteries in most states of Australia.

Tatts Group have more than 3000 employees including technicians, call centre operators, and staff in administrative and professional roles. The group’s total annual revenue is almost A$1 billion.

As one of Australia’s top 500 listed companies, Tatts Group onboards more than 500 new employees each year.

Previously, when onboarding new employees, Tatts Group’s HR department would send out the offer packages by post. This presented a number of challenges, including:

  • time-consuming process of collating all the information manually
  • relying on the postal service to deliver the offer packages in a timely manner
  • paper wastage from hundreds of pages going into each offer package
  • the cost of postage on each bulky offer package
  • employees having to wait up to a week for their offer package to arrive.

Sally Harrison, Tatts Group’s HR Manager, recognised that the old system was ripe for positive change: “We wanted to simplify our onboarding process while improving the candidates’ experience”. A cloud-based onboarding system was identified as having numerous benefits, including:

  • simplified onboarding process requiring no “double handling”
  • a better candidate experience – new employees would be able to get their offer packages online instantly instead of having to wait several days
  • less margin for error – the online welcome package doesn’t require any interpretation of handwritten notes or forms to be processed.

Tatts Group chose HROnboard for moving their onboarding process from the old paper-based system to the cloud.

The result of moving to a paperless, cloud-based onboarding system such as HROnboard were immediately noticeable for Tatts Group. Sally Harrison had this to say about Tatts Group’s experience with HROnboard so far: “HROnboard is instant. Contact is straight to the candidate. We have a faster response time with candidates and no paper is involved. We’ve also had a lot of positive feedback after using HROnboard to bring on almost 100 employees in the first month of adopting the new system”.

Adopting HROnboard’s cloud-based onboarding process has freed up substantial resources in Tatts Group’s HR department. These resources can now be allocated to other tasks, representing a significant improvement in efficiency.

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