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We’ve just finished our very first HROnboard Hackathon, which means many pizzas have been consumed, many hours of sleep have been lost and 6 awesome projects are now complete (ish)!

For those who don’t know, a Hackathon is an event that usually comprises 24-48 hours of problem solving in small teams. For our Hackathon, we started at 1pm on Thursday and finished up Friday afternoon. All of our projects were focussed on either:

  • Improving our products and services
  • Improving our office

Here’s the 6 projects we ran – and the ultimate winner!


We’ve recently moved into a new office. It’s awesome, but it needed some extra love to make it feel more like home.

The pROJECT pICASSO team decided our meeting alcoves needed some colour and whiteboards. But, rather than just hanging up a few whiteboards, they decided to paint the walls with whiteboard paint, turning them into massive workspaces!

A few of the team also added a lovely hanging garden out the front of the Jungle alcove for extra privacy.

(We can’t write on the walls yet – they’re still drying).






Slackbots for the OfficeIMG_0603

We’re big users of the messaging and team collaboration app, Slack. So, one of our teams decided to automate as much stuff as possible in the office with our very own slackbot!

At the moment, HAL (the HROnboard Artificial Lifeform) can control the music for the office. If you want a song, simply ask HAL to play it and he’ll add it to the queue. He can even control the volume and skip songs on request.

The future for slackbot is to create a command to unlock our office door (we’re sick of getting up to go let people in), notifications for who’s on kitchen duty for the day, lighting modifications and something to control our office disco ball.


pawpatrolPaw Patrol

Can you tell Team Leader Alberto has young kids? The Paw Patrol team spend most of their time working on Navigo projects, including HRIS systems consulting and org charting solutions.

Therefore, their project involved a bunch of technical improvements to HRIS adapters, user documentation and more.

It may not be the most glamorous of projects, but it will definitely make things much easier for the Navigo team in the future!


IMG_0601Do you even lift, bruh?

Our HRO fitness fanatics have repurposed our music room into the Crunch Corner, with mats, olympic rings, weights and even a slackbot that reminds us all to get up and get moving throughout the day!

I haven’t seen anyone using the corner yet, so I suspect our slackbots are going to force us to get on the equipment sooner or later.



Winner #1: Stupid Sexy Flanders

The Stupid Sexy Flanders team decided to create a faster, simpler interface for creating HROnboard integrations, making it easier for our customer success team and, hopefully in the long term, easy for customers to use too (once we open these specific types of integrations to our users).

Again, there’s not a lot to show for this one as it’s been a mostly dev-related topic, but for anyone who’s gone through the fun of creating a payroll integration in the past, you’ll know how nice it can be to have a few shortcuts on-hand!


la-1463293565-snap-photoWinner #2: Red Hot Survey Peppers

Our other big winners, the Red Hot Survey Peppers, wanted to develop a better way to measure how much our customers love using HROnboard. At the moment, we get awesome feedback from new hires, and we hear great things from our main contacts at each organisation, but we wanted a bigger picture of all HROnboard back office users.

The team have developed a little feedback survey within HROnboard (which will be included with a future release) so we can better understand how what you love (or don’t love) about HROnboard!


Lots of these projects are still being wrapped up, but the whole event was a huge success. Congrats to the whole team for all their hard work and enthusiasm!


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