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hro-team-photo-smallThis year we passed a significant milestone in our journey – we now have over 100 organisations using HROnboard to create great welcome experiences for new hires.

I’m very proud of what our team has achieved since our launch and also a big thank-you to our loyal customers who have been on this journey with us.

When we launched just over two years ago, onboarding processes were an overlooked area and were often seen as a feature point of your recruitment or HRIS.

Today it’s a very different story as the battle intensifies in retaining new starters and automating HR processes. With the advent of quicker to implement, lower cost cloud solutions, organisations are now able to find better solutions in every part of the employee life cycle.

Onboarding technology is now seen as an important category in HR Tech and I’m proud of our part in it.

Despite the rise in awareness, we know there is more work to do. Latest research suggests 22% of organisations don’t have a structured onboarding process (source: Aberdeen 2016)

It’s a privilege to have helped great brands like Nova Entertainment, Retail Zoo, MONA and many others improve employee onboarding.  Those experiences have allowed us to enhance our product through each of our quarterly (now monthly) releases.

It’s been fun and challenging – we’ve made mistakes, changed our plans, broken things, fixed them, and said goodbye to customers and employees. We’re continuously pushing beyond our comfort zone, myself and the whole team.

Because what we’re doing is not easy. That’s what it takes to build something truly great.

We’ve come a long way since our early days – and we have a way to go to achieve our vision as a global onboarding platform.

We recently moved to a new office in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs – larger, open plan with shops, restaurants and pubs outside of our door. The new office allows us to fit more people to our team (we’re currently looking for people with the right attitude and culture fit in development, customer success, marketing and sales).

We’ve progressing well on our ISO27001 accreditation (a gold standard for information security for SaaS businesses) and expect to be certified by December.  This is a credit to our teams discipline, technical smarts and dedication to protecting our customer’s information.

We’ve introduced a number of new features in our latest releases to improve task management, user management, authentication and workflows.

The journey ahead is exciting: Our motto at HROnboard has been “engage new hires and set HR free,” and we’re about to launch a whole new way to engage new hires before Day 1 and beyond.

All in all, it’s been a massive ride so far – and it’s only going to get bigger and better from here!

Thanks for being part of it!


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