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The Spring HR Tech World Congress is going to be an exciting time: Keynote speakers from all over the world, the latest tech in the HR space, and discussions on all things HR.

The agenda is chocked full of interesting events, panels, and discussions. To make things easier, I’ve put together a list of conference (and before) events worth checking out:

Before the event:

hr tech world

#trulondon- March 14th, 9:30-5:30

If two days of HR aren’t enough for you, come into London a day early and get involved in #trulondon.

Join the #tru crew to talk all things sourcing and recruitment. Everyone interested in making recruiting better is welcome, whether you work in the space or not.

Our own Rob Cassidy will be facilitating a discussion on sourcing in the APAC.

Day 1:

hr tech world

Radical innovation in the age of disruption- Main stage, 10:00

Peter Hinssen will explore the new age of uncertainty and complexity in the HR space. Consumers are forcing markets to become more fluid and responsive, and businesses need to keep up as a result.

The trade-off for business is the networks of intelligence created as a result. Organisation’s need to be able to adopt network thinking to survive in this new world of work.

How companies go about accidental hiring- Social, 11:15

Hiring: it’s a paper chase full of blockages and poor experiences. Hiring the right person can feel more like an accident than a defined process.

Bill Boorman addresses the answer to the accidental hiring conundrum in his talk. Removing the paper and the blockages will put the focus back on finding the right people, rather than following the process.

The best way to welcome a new hire to the team- DisruptHR, 11:40

Our CEO, Peter Forbes, will be presenting on onboarding best practices.

Cut out time waiting for an offer to reach a candidate through the post, and avoid any embarrassing oversights in their first days at work.

Learn how to keep the energy and enthusiasm of a new job offer going for the first 90 days of a new position and beyond.

Start-up competition- DisruptHR, 12:40

Watch a group of hopeful, HR start-up CEOs battle it out for the affections of HR industry influencers.

The likes of William Tincup, Bill Boorman, Binidi Karia, and Lisa Scales will be on the judging panel. Watch as they decide on the future of HR start-ups.

Improving information flow to improve hiring outcomes- DisruptHR, 14:10

The candidate tracking experts at Clinch tackle the root of recruiting’s problems: poor information flow between candidate and employer.

Clinch’s VP of Global Business Development, Shane Gray, will talk about using information sharing as a means to improve candidate quality.

Day 2

hr tech world

Workforce technology 2016- Main stage, 9:30

Data is king, employee demands are changing, and the talent pool is getting tighter.

Jason Averbook will take you through practical examples of the preparation you need to survive in the workplace of 2020.

Top trends in talent acquisition technology in 2016- DisruptHR, 10:40

Talent acquisition can be confusing and overwhelming at the best of times. Jonathan F. Kesternbaum from Talent Tech Labs will help you make sense of it all.

Talent Tech Labs has spent the last two years demoing over 1200 Talent Acquisition Technology products to help demystify the space.

Jonathan will run you through the 5 dominant trends Talent Tech Labs have found in the Talent Acquisition Technology space.

Protecting data in today’s hacker prone world- HR Technology, 11:15

Data is your organisation’s most important resource. The headline grabbing hacks last year highlight the necessity of data security in 2016

Katherine Jones from Mercer will take you through the steps companies can take to effectively staff their security and risk functions.

Let Katherine address all your concerns about data security and show you how to reduce the risk of a data breach in your organisation.

Transforming brand and culture at NN group- Talent and Recruitment, 11:55

Chris Kersbergen transferred from Branding at NN Group to HR. Instead of being a complete career change, Chris is now using his knowledge in branding in a HR context.

Chris explains how NN Group went about changing their brand and culture, whilst exploring new techniques to help drive employee cohesion.

Integrating and configuring multi-country HR service centres at DPDHL- HR SS and Payroll, 12:15

Bernhard Schueber will discuss how DPDHL have configured a global solution that enables different parties to work independently without viewing other’s data.

Moving toward global products is the future of the HR tech space. Organisations are now releasing products to a global stage, becoming global needs to become part of your HR tech company’s strategy.

Come see us at HR Tech World!

Representatives from HROnboard will be at HR Tech World, don’t be afraid to come say hi. Whether it’s at #trulondon before the event, after our presentation on employee onboarding, or during Peter’s pitch at the start-up competition.

HR Tech World is going to be big, and we want to share the experience with you.

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