The HR Tech World Congress was an insightful place of big ideas and innovation. It felt like every HR expert from all over the world, not just Europe, had gathered for a common cause.

Paris provided a pristine backdrop for the conference, with many sights and experiences around for attendees when outside of the conference.  But that’s not to say the French culture was kept out of the conference entirely.

Here are the top 5 talking points at the HR Tech Conference this year in Paris:

Treating candidates right creates long term relationships

One aspect moving up in the world is the Candidate experience. Creating relationships with candidates means they will keep trying for positions at your organisation.

The growing talent shortage means candidates will choose where they work, and it will be up to organisations to convince them to join. Build relationships with candidates now, so you stay at the top of their list as

Build relationships with candidates now, so you stay at the top of their list as preferred place to work.

Changes in HR Tech lead to changes in required skill sets

Ignore technological innovations at your peril. Technology is shaping the HR space in more ways than you can imagine, and changing the skill sets required of HR specialists as a result. There will be more apps with a focus on

There will be more apps with a focus on employee wellbeing and engagement than ever before. Technology is no longer about improving employee output in direct terms.

You will need to make sure your employees are fit and healthy if you want them to be productive.

The social workplace is on the rise

David Shing is AOL’s digital prophet. He shared his insights at HR Tech World on how social recognition will become the most important metric in the workplace.

HR technology is moving towards a model of faster recognition, where feedback becomes an ongoing process. You can already see the emergence of social tools in the workplace through programs that place an emphasis on collaboration.

Say ‘screw it, just do it.’ Wisdom from Sir Richard Branson

Richard Branson is an entrepreneurial visionary who has been changing the world for decades. He brought us cheaper air travel, improved phone service, and Tubular Bells. Richard Branson has encyclopedic knowledge on managing people, drawing from the many businesses he’s run through his Virgin empire. As always, Branson was more than willing to share his knowledge on managing people and how to work at peak performance in anything you do.

People are looking for an opportunity to grow at work

Josh Bersin is the go-to guide on the direction of HR. His insights into HR tech are invaluable for anyone looking to develop the future workplace and engage their employees. Bersin gave his insights into how HR tech will change in the coming years, and how to align these changes with the desires of employees. HR tech should be used to facilitate growth in employees, removing procedural barriers that stop employees from doing their best.

Did we miss your top takeaway from the HR Tech World Congress? Comment below with the beset point you took away from the event.

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