We recently saw the end of another massive SuccessConnect in Sydney. The HROnboard Twitter feed was completely occupied by amazing insights into the future of HR tech, and upcoming trends in the industry.


In case you missed out on #sconnect15, here’s a recap video from the France leg of the convention last year.

There was so much going on at this year’s conference, it was easy to miss out on an amazing insight. To make it easier for you, here’s the top 10 takeaways from #sconnect15:   

1. Moving from on-prem to the cloud

One of the biggest topics discussed this year was the movement from on-prem systems to the cloud. Cloud has so many benefits over on-prem legacy platforms: implementation is easier and faster, software is always up to date on the latest version, and cloud programs integrate with each other easier.       Moving away from on-prem systems has been too difficult a change for large enterprise until now. #sconnect15 shows the benefits of cloud now outweigh the cost of change. To the point where massive organisations are willing to make the shift.

2. Assess your process before deciding on a business solution

Christo from Roy Hill ran through the importance of scoping software to assess its capability in your organisation. The easier software is to implement, the easier it is to learn, the more value you will get from software.


Roy Hill went through a similar process when looking for onboarding software. Christo and the team decided on HROnboard, and created an onboarding process that integrated with SuccessFactors,  is fully automated, and fits perfectly within Roy Hill’s process.

3. Enterprise software can be used for performance management

Enterprise software is being used to manage and grow employee performance. Software now allows HR to manage employee goals, measure who the top performers are, and develop career paths for employees.


Suncorp are a stellar example of enterprise using performance management systems. Technology is even being used to assess management capability of managers inside the organisation. Measuring management capability used to take massive surveys across multiple organisations, now a single organisation can do it in-house.

4. Enterprise features are going mobile

The possibilities of enterprise software are no longer confined to desktop. Browser-based solutions are receiving responsive designs to work across multiple devices, and interfaces are becoming more intuitive for casual users.       Work is not done exclusively at desks anymore. People need the features of enterprise solutions accessible on the go. The modern workplace requires employees to have all their tools available at their fingertips at all times.  

5. Automation through integration has become an urgent issue in most organisations

The idea of multiple systems talking to each other is not a dream. It’s becoming easier for systems to connect to each other, and integration is becoming a growing demand amongst software customers.


Systems that don’t integrate break process and create more work. Too much time is lost re-entering data from one program into another. Integration makes HR work faster, like the software intended. Soon, we will live in a world where importing a .csv is considered poor integration.

6. Software needs to automate back office processes

Software is meant to allow us to work faster, and complete more in a day. The next step for back office automation is to fill in the gaps when no one’s around. The less input required to complete process, the more that can be done in other areas.      The purpose of back office automation in HR is for you to grow from a cost centre to value creation. HR departments touch every other aspect of an organisation, no other department knows your business better.     The true value of HR is to grow employees and make every other department more efficient. You can’t create value when you’re punching data.

7. Good HR is process meets programs

The best way to design HR workflows in the modern workplace is a mixture of process and programs. You need to assess what your organisation needs to accomplish with each process, and how software can facilitate that outcome.       Incorporating software into your process requires flexibility. Software may complete a task differently to how you planned the process, or it may do more than you have planned for. Keep an open mind when assessing software, and find the best balance between process and features to automate your workflow.   

8. HR needs to be the department leading the change in the modern workplace

HR is no longer the department that’s last to know in the organisation. The modern HR department dictates strategy and brings in new technology.         You need to operate as a business consultant, finding new ways to make the job of other employees easier. It is now your responsibility to decide how your organisation is run.  

9. Enterprise software will only be effective when it works better than consumer software

There’s no excuse for software to be ugly. You spend more time on software for work than any consumer-based program. Enterprise programs need to look nice and be easy to use.


One of the challenges with cloud programs is the lack of flexibility on cloud platforms, and the difficulty to customise the experience on the platform. Consumer software is robust, and works with everything. Enterprise software needs to do the same.

10. Process needs to be updated with technology

Process is no longer set in stone. Every workflow you have needs to be analysed as new technology comes along. There is every possibility a process you hate is one update away from being automated.        Treat everything in your HR department as one innovation away from changing forever. Anything you do at work because ‘It’s always been done that way’ is ripe for an update.  

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