Transparency in HR is a controversial subject. How can you be transparent when you are handling sensitive information?

“Transparency as a movement is bigger than you think and it comes with a tremendous responsibility, but also an enormous opportunity.” 

Robert Hohman—CEO, Glassdoor.

Transparency in HR — HROnboard employee onboarding software

But transparency doesn’t mean leaving the computer open or sharing your password. Transparency as a movement implies you embrace the sharing of valuable information, be it within HR, with line managers and with general employees.

Ten years ago, HR’s focus was mainly around compliance. But with SaaS systems that free HR of tedious and repetitive work, HR should start to move away from the tactical, leaving room for strategic focus on the people vision.

“Today an HR professional must understand what drives human behaviour to drive change in the workplace. That means deeper relationships with marketing, PR, communications, and learning and development, all of the things which, at scale, project your employer brand to millions of people” says Hohman. It also means seamless flow of information between systems, and availability of information at all times.

This is why the latest HROnboard release has a strong focus in transparency, because we believe it should also be reflected in your employee onboarding software and the way you manage the process to onboard new starters.

Transparency in the way information flows through systems, through added integrations.

In the way you retrieve and manage backend information, by allowing you to manage contract placeholders in one spot, reducing the risk of errors and double-ups.

In your new hires experience, with visibility on their feedback as it happens.

Head over to the HUG to read the full release notes.

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