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We’ve been working closely with theRecruitAdvantage team to bring you the perfect integration between recruitment and onboarding.

For all of you currently using both TurboRecruit (RecruitAdvantage’s Flagship recruitment product) and HROnboard, that integration is now available!

It’s all part of our upcoming Marketplace, available in our next release, Milkbottles. The Marketplace is the place to go in HROnboard when you need to configure your integrations to Recruitment, Payroll and other third party services.

Whilst some integrations will be completely configurable in-app, the TurboRecruit integration will require a little bit of setup from an HR systems specialist (don’t worry – our Customer Success team are experts in HR systems integrations and will be more than willing to help set the integration up for you).

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 1.50.15 pmWhat’s TurboRecruit?

It’s a simple, adaptable and intelligent recruitment management platform. Just like HROnboard, it’s cloud-based and focussed on engaging your new hires, so the two systems go together perfectly.

You can find out more about TurboRecruit on the RecruitAdvantage website.

What does the integration do?

Once you’ve found your ideal candidate using TurboRecruit, you can now upload their information directly into HROnboard to save manually re-keying any details.

Not only does this make onboarding much faster, but it also means you’ll have less mistakes or missing data when you onboard your new hires.

How do I get the integration setup?

If you’re already using HROnboard, just get in touch with our Customer Success team.

Otherwise, watch this video to see HROnboard in action.

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