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We’re hiring. Graduates.  Four of them.

Why are we doing this?

I love bringing new people into the business and while you need experience and senior people I’ve found bringing in graduates has been a key part of our success.

When I started my first HR technology consultancy business in 2002 I was a lone consultant who could easily grab the next full time contract to find work.

But I wanted to scale, have staff and do less on the tools and more on the business itself.  I couldn’t afford an experienced Oracle/HRMS consultant, so I hired my first employee – a recent graduate in a part time capacity.

That was Ben, and I set out to create a mini-me – I taught him everything I knew about databases, coding, payroll, HR schemas, requirements gathering, working onsite etc.  In this early days Ben would tag along with me to customer sites, observe and write a lot of doco about how to things – and slowly but surely the knowledge transfer happened.

Within 12 months, Ben had enough technical knowledge, consulting manners to go out onsite at junior rates and do some gigs.
Within 24 months, Ben was a fully fledged technical consultant handling harder engagements.

I repeated this formula with another couple of grads – Will, Matt and built a consulting business.

Fresh minds and no in-grained bad habits

Having very strong ideas on how to run a business, treat customers, build products and services, I’ve sometimes struggled to un-teach more experienced candidates bad habits and practices they’ve picked in other organisations.

With graduates you don’t have that problem, they are putty in your hands, people we can mould with our good practices in troubleshooting, consulting, communication and time management.

Graduates coming into the workplace don’t have a lot of pre-conceived notions of what is expected – and that means they are more open to different ways of doing things and more willing to accept a higher bar of quality that we demand.  Of course on the flip-side grads who land in a bad workplace think that is the norm…

My own experiences of finishing uni and starting at a payroll software company is still strong 20+ years on.  I think I learnt more in the first 12 months in my job then I did in 3 years of uni.  I had practical, in the trenches work, and was mentored by strong leaders who pushed me to excel.

Grad hiring has been the foundation of building our business, growing people to develop them personally and professionally, so that we setup them up for the rest of their careers.  It’s a tradition I’m proud of and that we will continue to support as our business grows.

Here’s a couple of our graduate success stories

Ben – stayed with us for 10 years, now a HR Tech veteran with 13 years in the sales/account management space with a full suite HR Tech Vendor


Matt – with us for 6 years, now in a senior technical position at Zendesk, working on their product stack


Sarang – after 6 years with us in marketing, consulting, project management he’s starting his new journey with a large SaaS vendor


Harry – over 1 year in, started in marketing and now working in our development team on UX/UI design


Walter and Steve – over 1 year in, in our Customer Success team working with our new customers configuring HROnboard


So if you’re willing to start your career with a company that really invests in our graduates – why not apply for one of our jobs?

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