We all buy and use cloud apps, and HR are no exception.

Increasingly, we see HR using point solutions for their day to day processes.

These ‘best of breed’ apps have a very specific purpose, be it career management, recruitment or (our favourite) onboarding & offboarding.

For HR, there’s really just one question we need to ask – how do we make these apps talk to each other?

Join HR Tech Specialist and HROnboard Founder, Peter Forbes, as he shows what HR needs to know about integration in this new world of cloud apps.

With him is HROnboard Product & Strategy Specialist, Michael Specht, who will demonstrate an example of how HR cloud apps HROnboard and PeoplesHR integrate to make life easier for HR.

Finally, Wajira WanigasekeraDulantha Balasooriya from PeoplesHR will answer any questions about their cloud HRIS solution.

In this free webinar, we’ll show you:

  • What is a cloud HR integration?
  • The three types of integration available
  • How integrations between HR systems make life easier
  • What to ask your cloud vendor before you buy

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