Make better use of your time in HR by bulk importing contracts.


As the holiday season approaches, most HR departments are visited with a familiar feeling of dread. For retail, Christmas casual hiring looms ever closer while for governments, universities and many private businesses, mass re-contracting processes must be implemented. With increased paperwork and more time and effort involved, it’s pretty obvious why it’s a challenging time for HR. This invariably leads to higher costs and more stress, but there are far more important reasons to expedite bulk contracting and re-contracting:


It’s a poor use of HR.

Whilst HR is working on drafting contracts and sending offers, it is not working towards improving the workforce. They are stuck in a transactional role, filling spaces and performing the necessary administration requirements repeatedly. This is a waste of HR skills and talents, and it can detrimentally affect the business during this busy period. Instead, this ties up resources, preventing them from performing critical HR activities.


You could be missing out on candidates.

The long, drawn out process of manually creating and sending offers leaves plenty of time for your first choice candidates and highest performing contractors to look for new opportunities. And chances are, if your competitors have already sent out their offers, they’ll be the ones to snap up those star employees, not you. This webinar outlines how to use paperless automation to streamline mass re-contracting and offers. We’ll show you:

    • How to use a CSV file to speed up the contracting process from weeks to hours
    • Case studies from businesses who have experienced this pain and found their own solutions

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