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Domaine Chandon are now the masters of their onboarding domain, with their brand new candidate portal!

Their old, vintage system was a headache for both HR and new employees.

Enter HROnboard, speeding up the talent pipeline. Candidates are no longer left to ferment in a vat of paperwork.

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Automating the onboarding process is a big timesaver for Domaine Chandon. Dealing with a regular influx of seasonal workers means HR are often doing batch onboards and offboards.

HR would spend days preparing offer packs for employees working for months at a time. Their new automated process means the annual busy period is no longer a nightmare for the office staff.

Having a defined offboarding process means every departing employee leaves the organisation the right way, every time. Domain Chandon knows exiting employees, especially seasonal workers, are highly likely to boomerang back into the workforce later on down the track. Their new offboarding process helps ensure those employees are farewelled and welcomed each year in style.

HROnboard is proud to work with Domain Chandon, and we look forward to our sparkling future together.

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