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Nestled nicely between Brisbane and Sydney, Narrabri Shire Council is a cosy little hamlet in the Namoi Valley.


Narrabri Shire is home to great attractions such as The Yarrie Lake, Dripping Rock, and The Crossing Theatre.


Narrabri Shire has a new attraction so out of this world, even the CSIRO telescope didn’t see it coming: A cloud-based onboarding platform for Narrabri Shire Council staff! Yes, now Narrabri Shire Council can fill its vacancies faster than a trip around the Narrabri Town Drive.


Narribri Sawn Rock

Narrabri Shire may be full of rustic charm, but its council processes are state of the art. The council’s job offer platform looks sweeter than a jar of Nelson’s natural honey. Onboarding used to have HR’s temperatures running hotter than the Pilliga Artesian Bore Baths, now they can send a job offer out faster than water down the Waa Gorge.


HROnboard has fixed a hole in Narrabri Shire Council’s back office process, and made their HR department happier than an afternoon at Seplin Estate Winery.

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