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Whether it’s Chrissie, Sam and Browny on a Melbourne morning, or Kate, Tim, and Marty on the drive home across Australia, NOVA Entertainment has you covered.

NOVA Entertainment is Australia’s fastest growing entertainment company in Australia, with leading radio shows across Australia.


One of NOVA’s latest achievements has been the creation of Smooth FM, a contemporary easy listening FM network.

NOVA Entertainment operates a range of digital assets on mobile, social, and even Coles radio.

The many projects NOVA Entertainment has going on means they are expanding rapidly. And rapid expansion requires new people to fill the roles created.

The HROnboard team at NOVA knows the best way to attract people is to provide the best place to work. Bringing people into Australia’s fastest growing entertainment company needed a bit more of a bang than an envelope full of papers.

That’s why the HR team approached HROnboard for a dedicated onboarding project. They wanted a candidate portal that fit the company brand, making new hires feel like stars when they receive their offer.

NOVA Entertainment rolls out the red carpet in their new hire portal. Find yourself on the receiving end of a NOVA Entertainment job offer and you’ll find the NOVA red everywhere.

HROnboard was happy to oblige with branding, taking the time to customise every element of the NOVA candidate portal to fit with the company brand.

With a faster turnaround time on new hires, NOVA can now expand even faster.


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