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Opening in December this year, the Primus Hotel in Sydney is preparing to get its employees off on the right foot.

They’re running no Fawlty Towers here. HROnboard was contacted by Primus Hotel before they even opened, which shows how prepared the Primus HR team are!

A pre-emptive step against on paperwork was taken. Employees won’t feel as lost as a left sock with their job offer.

primus hotel

New hires will be pushing baggage trollies and tip-toeing past do not disturb signs sooner than ever.

Everyone from kitchen staff to concierges can be onboarded. HROnboard is flexible enough to handle casual staff, rotating shifts, and the diverse makeup of positions found in a prestigious hotel like Primus.

HROnboard has put Primus Hotel Sydney ahead of the hospitality game. Primus has left the competition behind like an iPhone charger, and they’re not coming back to collect.

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