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It’s pens down for HR at Scotch College. They’ve moved to paperless onboarding!

New staff and faculty no longer need to sort through a term’s worth of paperwork to start enriching the lives of students at Scotch College in Adelaide.

HROnboard is now automating employee onboarding for all new hires. HR avoids the headaches and staff avoid the paper hunt.

scotch onboarding portal

There are additional fields and checks required for working at a school. Having developed onboarding workflows for customers like Holmesglen and Box Hill Institute, HROnboard was able to include all the extra information required of Scotch college candidates. Onboarding is fast, paper-free, and flexible enough to cater for employees of any capacity.

Scotch college candidates won’t have to stay in at lunch to complete their paperwork. Congratulations to the whole Scotch College team!

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