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The sleepy NSW town of Tharbogang (pronounced tar-bogan) is home to many things. It has a channel, a landfill, and is home to the award-winning winery, Warburn Estate.

Warburn Estate was in need of an onboarding solution. The vintage season was fast approaching, which is the time of year HR does most of its onboarding.

Vintage makes Warburn’s HR department flat out like a lizard drinking. A truckload of employees need to be recruited, inducted, and trained for only a couple of month’s work.

That’s when they came across HROnboard. HR saw how our onboarding platform has a proven history working with wineries, and knew we could deliver the goods faster than a Belvedere delivery driver.

Warburn can now onboard all the backpackers and high school students in a couple of steps. The whole onboarding process is smoother than a lap down Banna Avenue on a Saturday night.

HROnboard matches Warburn Estate like a Back In Black Shiraz with an Il Corso pizza. The winery is more ready for the vintage period now their onboarding is sorted.

Employees can look forward to the smoothest start they’ve ever experienced. Vintage workers will be out on the cellar floor, running hoses and working the labs, before any other winery in the Riverina.

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