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The Western Downs Regional Council are the latest members of the growing HROnboard family.

Their previous onboarding process was so old, it could have joined the Myall Park Botanic Garden on the National Heritage register.


The large area Western Downs Regional Council covers means offer packs could take a long time to reach new employees. Working remotely from the head office could lead to more than a couple of days waiting for an offer pack in the mail.

For some, it could feel like waiting around for the Surat Basin Expo. It’s exciting stuff, but the long wait can wear down your enthusiasm.

Not to mention the offer creation process. The HR team at Western Downs Regional Council had to deal with the usual paperwork of a government office. Creating an offer could feel like herding sheep from Dirranbandi to Carnarvon Gorge.

Western Downs Regional Council needed a tool that could onboard faster. The time lost in paperwork and postage was eating into employee time and council coffers.


HROnboard allows HR to create an offer faster than you can cut a lap of the Jandowae Swimming Pool. HR uses defined workflows for faster offers, whether they’re hiring labourers, office staff, or executive members.

Completing an offer is more comfortable than watching a double feature at the Dalby Civic Theatre, but takes nowhere near as long.

It doesn’t matter if employees are in Tara, Miles, or Wandoan. Job offers are sent over email, and can be completed via mobile. Candidates can onboard on the go, whether they’re at the Tara Camel Races or the Wandoan Windmill.

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