HR should be aiming to make recruitment as easy as possible, instead of ignoring it


Selling recruitment software to HR professionals for the past 5+ years, I have faced many challenges.


The biggest of these challanges can be seen when I raise the topic of recruitment to HR professionals.  Many seem to glaze over or turn up their nose.  An old friend of mine now working in HR summed up their opinion of recruitment in one word, ” yuk.”


However recruitment is one of those HR inevitabilities, something that is integral to the existence of the company, and in this age of people being the company’s greatest asset, is more important than ever.


“HR should be trying to make the task of recruitment as quick and easy as possible, instead of trying to sweep it under the rug.”


It’s all about the Attitude

One of the biggest grievances I hear in selling a recruitment-based tool, isn’t about the product, the costs or the set up – it’s about HR’s unanimously bitter attitude towards recruitment.


Too often I encounter HR teams looking into things they are interested in: LMS, talent management software, REM tools, and training. However, in only looking into HR solutions that align with their interests, their discontent with onboarding and recruitment will never be resolved.


If you don’t like it, Change it.

The paradox is that by putting these down the pecking order, HR professionals end up spending more time on recruitment tasks because they don’t have proper systems to manage these processes and they end up spending less time on what really interests them.


The overwhelmingly negative attitude to recruitment should really be the driving force to facilitate a change in HR process. HR should be trying to make the tasks of recruitment and onboarding as quick and easy as possible, instead of trying to sweep these tasks under the rug.


The Flip Side

Ironically, the most enthusiastic people I come across are typically recruitment managers who want to make life easier for themselves, and in most cases they actually enjoy recruitment.


Recruiting properly using simple tools doesn’t need to be a week-long saga, locking HR staff in a room with paperwork. Recruitment can be as easy and quick as a couple of mouse-clicks, which leaves more time and budget for HR to get back to their interests.


If you don’t enjoy something, your efforts should be focused on shrinking how much time you spend on it. Who knows, you might even learn to love it once the process becomes easy.


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