MyState Limited is an Authorised Deposit Taking Institution (ADI) operating predominantly in Tasmania. It consists of two entities: MyState Bank, which offers lending, savings, mortgage, investment and insurance products and services; and wealth management company, TPT Wealth – the only private Trustee Company authorised to operate in Tasmania.

MyState Bank was established around 60 years ago and is one of the best-known banks in Tasmania. TPT Wealth was established over 130 years ago.

MyState Limited’s mission is to make financial services simple and trustworthy.

MyState Limited currently employs approximately 350 people across Australia. Most of these employees are based in the head office in Hobart, Tasmania and others based on the eastern seaboard of mainland Australia.

With the HR team required to support a constantly evolving company, a decision was made to introduce new technology – especially in the talent acquisition (recruitment and onboarding) space. After a lengthy due diligence process, Laura Robinson, Human Resources Consultant, selected HROnboard to help enhance the onboarding experience. Less than a year since implementing HROnboard, she shares MyState Limited’s journey.

Onboarding and talent acquisition challenges

MyState Limited experienced a number of HR and talent acquisition challenges prior to engaging HROnboard. These included:

  • Manual, time-consuming processes – No previous recruitment or onboarding technology platforms existed. MyState Limited lacked dedicated tech platforms in these areas, so tasks were completed manually, which cost time, money and resources.
  • Inconsistent candidate and employee experiences– Without any system in place, onboarding processes were inconsistent from one hiring manager to the next. There was also no clarity on what exactly onboarding entailed, which compromised integrity.
  • A desire to allow greater process consistency yet still a degree of personalisation for hiring managers – Though it was clear that MyState Limited needed a system in place to ensure that the right information was accessible at the right time for new hires, it was important that hiring managers could maintain a degree of flexibility and personalisation when completing tasks. 
  • A lag behind talent acquisition best practice – Based in Tasmania, MyState Limited found that they were lagging behind mainland Australia in terms of HR best practice, often missing out on opportunities to see what other organisations were doing. This knowledge and experience gap had the potential to negatively impact their ability to attract and retain talent.
  • Management of an increasingly flexible workplace – Like many other organisations during COVID-19 lockdown, MyState Limited had to learn how to onboard people remotely. Although they adopted technology such as video conferencing software to help with onboarding, it was still an adjustment for the hiring managers.

Why MyState Limited chose HROnboard

Any decision to invest in new HR technology should not be taken lightly. Robinson says the due diligence undertaken by MyState Limited was “lengthy but necessary – we didn’t want to make the wrong choice”. It was indeed a long process for Robinson and her team, but 12 months and 18 technology vendors later, they found HROnboard. It was a perfect match. HROnboard ticked all the right boxes. The organisation was looking for:

  • Best-of-breed software instead of a more comprehensive HRIS – Upon commencing her search, Robinson determined that a specialised vendor was the best option for MyState Limited. Fortunately, HROnboard offered all the right functionality.
  • A way to personalise processes and optimise the employee experience – This was found with HROnboard Journeys. Robinson built a strong business case that talked about all of HROnboard’s features, but in the end it was the small add-on feature, Journeys, that impressed the board the most and got the business case over the line.
  • A tech partner who could help with the adoption of HR/talent acquisition best practice – Robinson was looking for a technology partner that could improve HR service delivery and move the company towards best practice in the HR realm – that is, to make suggestions on what other companies were doing, to work with her to refine processes, and to ensure they were getting the most from the technology solution. 
  • A lag behind talent acquisition best practice – Based in Tasmania, MyState Limited found that they were lagging behind mainland Australia in terms of HR best practice, often missing out on opportunities to see what other organisations were doing. This knowledge and experience gap had the potential to negatively impact their ability to attract and retain talent.
  • A tech solution that would address the challenges relating to onboarding a remote workforce – Aware that flexible work – including remote work – will continue in the future, Robinson was keen to improve the way her remote team collaborated and completed tasks. HROnboard helped to achieve this by ensuring everyone had the right information at the right time, regardless of where they are based. 

The results

“Our candidates and our employees are our customers.” – Laura Robinson, Human Resources Consultant at MyState Limited.

HROnboard has yielded great results for MyState Limited, including: program.

1. Time savings and process enhancements due to automation

Adopting technology was a massive time and resource-saver for Robinson, but she considers that aspect “a given – if the technology isn’t doing that, it’s not doing its job, or it’s not being used correctly”. More critically, HROnboard enhanced processes which improved the overall employee experience – something she considers to be even more important. 

2. Enhanced and consistent candidate / employee experience

MyState Limited was able to integrate their different systems to create a seamless user experience.

3. Positive feedback from users – particularly for HROnboard’s personalised Journeys

For Robinson, creating an engaging and pain-free candidate and employee experience was the priority, and HROnboard delivered on that objective. The Journeys feature was a particular success: the feedback from hiring managers was all positive (rating 4s and 5s across the board) and meant that Robinson no longer had to email probation reports, diarise key dates, etc. as all the tasks and reminders were automated through Journeys (read more on personalised Journeys here).

4. Allowing HR to demonstrate the innovation seen in other parts of the business

MyState Limited customers benefit from a long-term commitment to innovation. It’s seen across the organisation’s products and services. Robinson was keen to extend that innovation to HR service delivery through HROnboard’s best practice features.

5. Successful adoption of an ‘off the shelf’ solution tailored to unique organisational needs

Robinson was able to design and create new processes within HROnboard to suit MyState Limited’s needs

The road ahead

HROnboard has proven to be a huge success for MyState Limited. Adopting technology to automate processes has streamlined tasks and freed up time, but for Robinson, it is the enhanced user experience that has made this partnership so worthwhile. Just as critically, HROnboard will continue to help the HR team to deliver high quality, efficient services to the business.

Listen to the full chat with Laura – as well as insight about common onboarding challenges from HROnboard’s Natalie Hart – in our latest Meetup webinar (April, 2021).

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