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New year motivation can be a powerful tool to help HR unlock employee potential.

Team leaders have an opportunity to learn what motivates their new employees during hiring and onboarding. Taking the time to explore these candid moments and truly understand each new starters motivations will provide a head start on nurturing a motivated team culture. As patterns and similarities emerge, integrate them into your employee motivation plan.

Let’s explore some ideas on how to empower new starters (and existing employees) in 2018.

Does everyone understand ‘the plan’?  

Communicating goals once a year is not enough. To succeed, a team needs to be invested and buy into their goals, understand why their team metrics are important and how to add value to the company.  

To kickstart the year, host a quarter launch to re-engage the team and inspire new starters. Harness the new year energy by sharing how their goals drive the wider team and companies success.

Host a hackathon

We all have those summer ideas that spring upon as we relax – so why not direct some of that fresh thinking and host a team hackathon.

Hackathons are a great way to drop day-to-day work, identify challenges and solve problems as a team.  Hackathons unlock cool ideas and innovations across the whole company and motivate employees to work as a team.

Projects are not just limited to coding, it could be a new initiative for customer engagement or refreshing your office layout.

Check out this handy resource to learn if a hackathon could work for your team and how to prepare.

Help employees to keep resolutions

Over 50% of Australians come back from the holidays season with a resolution to change and are actively looking for inspiration and fulfillment. At the years’ end; we’re socially geared to reflect on the previous year and commit to change. And candidates value employers that share a commitment to a healthier lifestyle, professional development or a desire to give back to the community.

Share ideas or add official programs to your employee benefits to help motivate and inspire new employees.

Some ideas include:

  • Health and wellbeing: local gyms, walking clubs or even kickstart a company sports team
  • Nurture a community: sites like ‘Go Volunteer‘ are great for finding local volunteering opportunities or register your business with the Red Cross for blood donations
  • Inspire learning and creativity: communicate internal career pathways and personal development opportunities

Introduce a fun, new tradition

When we think about motivational activities, our minds often gravitate to the big displays, financial incentives or team events. However, motivation can spring from smaller initiatives contributing to an overall sense of purpose and belonging.  

Lunch & Learn sessions are a great opportunity for the team to come together and share ideas with their peers.

  • Shared knowledge and diverse content is key
  • Mix up the speakers and themes
  • Have a regular schedule and commit to a culture of learning

Motivating a diverse team can be tricky. Actively listen to your team to understand what motivation techniques would add value to your culture and goals. If your team are regularly uttering the phrase “not another “insert activity here”- the new year provides a great time to change it up.

Try a different approach to presenting your team goals, look for ways to add personal reward and foster a learning culture to unlock your new hires motivation.

What plans do you have to immerse your new starters into their team?

For inspiration, check out our latest employee onboarding checklist. This step-by-step guide will share the essential ingredients to include for each onboarding milestone.

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