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Each month I collect interesting real life stories, news items and thought leadership around everything related to employee onboarding.

Here’s what I found in April.

A hundred ways to get fired by Hyatt

Hyatt Hotels and Resorts CEO tells the story of how a heavy focus on compliance and rules during the induction process led to new starters seeing the induction process as how you get fired at Hyatt.

A lesson in designing onboarding programs through the new hires perspective.

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People care about how they’re onboarded

From the twitter sphere comes @samihero (a sales executive) tweet about joining his new company.

A good reminder that your employer brand is on show to impressionable (and social) new starters.

Who really benefits from paperless onboarding?

My article exploring how HR’s view on paperless onboarding solutions have changed over the years.

Who really benefits from onboarding?


Have a great month!

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