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Oracle’s big Chicago event is only a day away. Here’s 5 of our picks to watch over the 2 day conference – as you’d expect, employee engagement, attracting talent, and the future of HR are big topics!


Inspiring the Next Gen WorkforceDebbie_400x400_144dpi

Debbie Sterling, Founder and CEO, GoldieBlox (Thursday 1:30pm, Keynote)

This keynote from one of the biggest EngineerGirls will be talking about her strategies for empowering employees for a more creative and diverse workforce. Hopefully she’ll also show off some of the cool toys GoldieBlox makes for all of us big kids in the audience.


urlGet Big Things Done – The power of modern HR in Latin America

(Wednesday 12pm, Columbus Room H)

We often get caught up in our local HR challenges, but where HR really gets to shine is in less regulated, developing countries. Latin America has an amazingly diverse and vibrant culture, and we can’t wait to find out more about HR can leverage this for business and employee success.



20150715-_DSC0083-2-345x345Engagement with Results: The Intersection of Work/Life and the Enterprise

(Wednesday 3pm, Columbus H)

Of course employee engagement excites us – we spend most of our time at HROnboard developing new ways to excite and engage employees before Day 1!

This talk should be particularly exciting as it’s being co-hosted by WeSpire‘s Sarah Finnie Robinson, who knows a thing or two about using cool software to engage employees. Definitely a big one to watch out for.


HROnboard ManwebAttracting Top Talent with Employer Branding

(Thursday 9am, Columbus G)

Another topic close to our hearts – after all, employer branding affects recruitment, employee onboarding and really every step of the employee lifecycle.

If you don’t already have a defined employer branding strategy, now’s your chance to join the conversation and get started.


AcceloWinning the Complexity Battle: Machine Learning in HR

 (Thursday 11:45, Columbus H)

Yeah, you already know we love automation, but that’s not the only reason why this topic is so exciting to us.

We’re also techies, and machine learning and AI is always something on our minds. While still a relatively young facet of HR, it’s going to be big in all aspects of our lives, both within and outside work, so the sooner you get involved the better.

Is there anything else you’re going to be checking out? Let us know via Twitter or in the comments below.

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