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Onboarding Spotlight: Optimising The Employee Experience At Life Without Barriers

Let’s explore how the team reduced their onboarding process from 2 ½ weeks to only 4 days – whilst maintaining best practice compliance.

Introducing: A better way to manage employee journeys

We're thrilled to announce that customers can now manage more than just employee onboarding journeys in Welcomes. Whether it’s a significant life event such as parental leave or the logistics of an office move, you are now able to create, manage and personalise...

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We’re hitting the road this winter…

  For a great employee experience, you must have an amazing onboarding journey.   How do you know if your onboarding stacks up? And how is technology enhancing the onboarding experience before day one and beyond? Join us and leading HR teams as we explore...

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Personalising the employee onboarding experience

Creating a templated and reusable induction experience for all new hires ensures consistency of core messaging and must-do activities. It also enables you to establish a minimum standard that applies to all teams. Our Journey template in Welcomes by HROnboard ensures...

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Introducing: Onboarding Insights

  We're thrilled to announce the first slice of powerful reporting and analytics features in HROnboard. The new Insights page is here just in time for EOFY reporting. The first cut is a handy report on the volume of offers, crossboards and exits your team has...

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Recontracting Employees? Here’s what you need to know.

Recontracting or crossboarding employees en masse can happen quickly and is often in response to a pressing business need. Crossboarding covers a vast set of business use cases; from re-contracting existing employees to reissuing compliance policies. Knowing how to...

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