4 ways Retail Zoo improved their seasonal new hire retention

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With the end of winter just a few short weeks away,  the inevitable countdown to summer trading begins. Businesses in the retail and hospitality sector alike are ramping up for the annual holiday hiring drive. As always, HR can expect a lot of extra work to support the holiday season – why should this matter […]

Engaging staff throughout the employee lifecycle

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The employee lifecycle model is a tried and tested tool to visualise all of your employees and how they engage with your business and brand. But as employees expectations shift, people are spending shorter amounts of time with companies. Let’s take a look at some interesting ways that employers can leverage each stage of the […]

7 Crucial Questions To Ask Your HR Software Provider

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We know selecting the right HR software solution can be a headache.  Even if you know exactly what you’re looking for, there are a lot of options out there, and more than one system may be able to do what you need. So how do you choose the right solution to grow with your business? […]

July ‘Picnic’ Product Updates

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With the turn of the new financial year, we’ve continued making improvements to how sensitive data is managed. With all the essential data that’s stored in HROnboard, it’s important to ensure that you have control over who can access specific information. With this month’s ‘Picnic’ release we’ve added a bunch of new features to help […]

Employee Onboarding In The Retail Space – A Comfort Group Story

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If you’ve ever gone shopping for a nice new bed, chances are you know the Comfort Group. In fact, with distinguished brands like Sleepmaker and Dunlop Foams under their belt, there is a high possibility you’ve slept on one of their products. Starting as a family business back in 1935, the comfort group now employs […]

4 Shocking Employee Onboarding Statistics

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With the trend towards a gig economy, people are less likely to stay at a job long term – making hiring and retaining quality staff a major challenge for HR departments. Ensuring that the onboarding process is modern and engaging is an impactful way that employers can improve the long-term prospects for a new team […]

Control In HR: There’s A Reason For It

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Control is a loaded word; for some even a pejorative term. However, when it comes to HR, control makes sense and at some point is a crucial part of the function. When it comes to control over data, HR departments are collecting and storing vast amounts of employee-related data. From turnover rates and workforce characteristics […]

4 Lessons From The HR Executive Roundtable Breakfast

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On June 8, HR executives from around Victoria gathered at HROnboard’s breakfast roundtable. Panelists Amanda Green from Richmond FC, Alec Bashinsky from Deloitte and Jayne Crow from Citywide led the discussion on the hot topics affecting HR professionals in 2017. For all those who couldn’t make it, we’ve distilled the key topics that will shape the HR […]

Announcing Our TLS Migration

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A little earlier this year, we announced our ISO 27001 certification – a means to ensure we are at the forefront of information security practices. Starting July 2017, we will be implementing the next part of our data security plan, our TLS migration. What is TLS Transport Layer Security (TLS) is a protocol used to […]

3 Key Takeaways From Mastering SAP Melbourne 2017

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Prominent industry figures gathered at this years’ Mastering SAP event in Melbourne to tackle the issues surrounding HR’s rapid move beyond just its operational role into a core and strategic business function. But with over 620 customers, partners, thought-leaders and SAP experts from over 150 organisations in attendance, it can be quite hard to distil […]

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