How to tell if your onboarding isn’t good enough (And What You Can Do About It)

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There are some great resources out there about building amazing onboarding experiences.  But what is the standard and how do we benchmark onboarding? We challenged ourselves to find out. The Paperless Employee Onboarding Benchmark Report, conducted by HROnboard reviewed a sample of 26,800 new employee onboards sent in 2017 from companies across Australia and New Zealand. […]

Onboarding 2018 : How do you compare?

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    The 2018 Paperless Employee Onboarding Benchmark Report comes out today.  This report details the results of 26,800 new employees processed through the HROnboard paperless onboarding platform in 2017.        Download the full report and compare your employee onboarding performance.

May Product Update: Introducing the Contract Template Library & Offboarding Flexibility

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In our April release, we announced the new Offer Pack Library feature – a better way for teams to self-manage contracts, policies and documents that form a job offer. This week, we’ve released enhancements to this feature for users to utilise this powerful tool directly in the offer creation process. We’ve also improved our Offboarding […]

Celebrating 100,000 new employee welcomes!

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We’re thrilled to announce that this month, we reached the incredible milestone of 100,000 new starters accepting their job through HROnboard. Keep an eye out on Twitter & LinkedIn over the coming weeks as we share some of the epic #onboardingstories from new employees and HR teams, from across Australia & New Zealand!

Sometimes you need a gentle reminder

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We’ve all had the same experience. You’ve sent an offer to a candidate and are waiting with baited breath, which soon escalates to frustration when they haven’t completed the compliance forms. You’re chasing payroll or IT to check if they’ve completed a critical onboarding task. You’re chasing. And chasing some more. The candidates first day […]

Introducing a better way to manage employment contracts and policies

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This week, we’ve released features to make it easier to manage and organise employment contracts and policies. Check out this short video that explains this exciting new update:   Manage all your onboarding offer documents, in one place. The Offer Pack library allows HROnboard administrators to self-manage the contracts, policies, and documents that form the […]

How to engage new employees before day one

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Frustrating employee onboarding experiences often start with good intentions.  Hardworking HR teams create a series of manual reminders in an attempt to keep new starters engaged before their first day. Follow-up text messages, emails, phone calls and welcome packs are often pushed aside to focus on more burning tasks. New starters are re-prioritised after an offer is […]

Ringwood’s First SaaS Scene Meetup (RSS)

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Software as a Service businesses are ruling the world and they can come from anywhere – even Ringwood! (a major Melbourne suburb 25 minutes from the CBD) Australia has our fair share of SaaS success – look at CampaignMonitor, Canva, (started in Melbourne suburbs), Atlassian (ok, didn’t technically start as SaaS), Safety Culture, Envato […]

Who really benefits from great employee onboarding?

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Over the past five years I have founded and scaled an employee onboarding software company (HROnboard). In the early days our tagline was “Engage new hires. Set HR free”. The concept was simple – by automating and digitising a manual process like offers of employment would create benefits for both the candidate and HR. As […]

Nurturing employees’ new year motivation

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New year motivation can be a powerful tool to help HR unlock employee potential. Team leaders have an opportunity to learn what motivates their new employees during hiring and onboarding. Taking the time to explore these candid moments and truly understand each new starters motivations will provide a head start on nurturing a motivated team […]

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