4 Tips To Get The Most Out Of The NSW HR Leaders Summit

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If you’re a conference expert headed to the NSW HR leaders summit, you’ve probably already got your tried and tested tactics at hand to get the most out of it. If you’re new to the conference world, fear not. We’ve put together four tips to help you get the most out of this great event. […]

HROnboard Becomes an SAP Silver Partner

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HROnboard is proud to announce that it is now an SAP silver partner. The partnership with HROnboard means SAP SuccessFactors customers can seamlessly integrate the HROnboard onboarding and engagement platform into the SAP SuccessFactors environment. SAP is committed to developing an ecosystem of partners to work with their core applications. In this video, SAP SuccessFactors […]

3 Key Metrics Managers Use to Measure Employee Engagement

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Employee engagement is a hot topic in HR circles, and for good reason. With recent studies drawing the link between employee engagement and business performance results, the importance of having an engagement strategy in place is becoming more and more apparent. Because engagement is defined as a feeling rather than an easily quantifiable metric, many […]

7 Unmissable Sessions for HR professionals at Mastering SAP

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Mastering SAP autumn summit will be hitting Melbourne shores in just under two weeks. With all the quality content that’s on offer, it can be hard to know what the key sessions are for the HR professionals out there. We’ve put together a list of 7 unmissable sessions for HR professionals attending Mastering SAP Melbourne. […]

Ensuring Data Security In HR Systems—HROnboard is now ISO 27001 certified

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The world around us is transitioning into the digital age, and with recent events like the Yahoo hacks, data security has become something of a hot topic. Many HR departments have chosen to unshackle themselves from the tedious nature of paperwork by following the move online, but with the sheer amount of sensitive data stored […]

3 Ways Personalisation In HR Can Boost Employee Engagement

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As organisations become increasingly diverse, the ‘one size fits all’ approach to employee management struggles to remain relevant. Nobody wants to feel like just another cog in the wheel, and ensuring an employee’s experience with an organisation is tailored to them is an integral part of keeping employees engaged, happy and productive. HR professionals are presented with […]

Transparency in HR

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Transparency in HR is a controversial subject. How can you be transparent when you are handling sensitive information? “Transparency as a movement is bigger than you think and it comes with a tremendous responsibility, but also an enormous opportunity.”  Robert Hohman—CEO, Glassdoor. But transparency doesn’t mean leaving the computer open or sharing your password. Transparency as […]

New payroll system integrations in HROnboard

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Our employee onboarding software now integrates with three new payroll systems. Learn how you can save more time with these new integrations and other features following our March 2017 release!

Data security practices for HR professionals

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Data security in HR is a high priority in any organisation, as the department manages employee information and other sensitive company policies. Learn about simple practices that HR professionals can adopt to add extra layers of security.

Following the leaders: Onboarding practices of 2017

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Few names in the business world carry as much weight as ‘Forbes’. Their flagship digital publication, Forbes.com, promotes the slogan ‘Home Page for the World’s Business Leaders’ and they continue to bring the best talent together, such as the invitation-only community, the Forbes Coaches Council. Recently, members of this Council were interviewed to discuss the onboarding […]

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