Getting the basics of onboarding right

With recent research highlighting to the undeniable benefits of an engaged workforce, it’s important for HR teams to ensure that staff feel engaged with the company vision and culture before day one. The first step for many HR teams seeking to drive engagement is to build a great onboarding program. If you’ve read our whitepaper, […]

[Webinar] Discover the 5 Pillars of a Great Employee Onboarding Program

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To drive new hire engagement and early retention, leading HR teams are now creating meaningful welcomes that go beyond back-office tasks. Join us in this webinar to learn about the five pillars that can help you build and implement an experience-driven new hire journey. During this webinar you will learn: How to get the basics of onboarding […]

Why offboarding matters – the benefits of a great goodbye

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It’s never easy saying goodbye. A new hire can quickly become an integral part of the team, and every team member brings with them a unique set of skills and traits. People inevitably move on and take with them many of the valuable skills that you’ve nurtured along the way. However, dedicating the time and […]

Does culture play a role in onboarding?

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Walking through the front door on your first day can be as daunting as it is exciting for any new starter. With this mixed bag of emotions, these first few weeks are critical to ensuring the new hire is a great fit for your company long term.  So how do you convey the quirks of […]

HROnboard’s August Release

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Sour Worms is our 9th release this year, and brings with it some exciting new features. Designed to make HROnboard even more powerful and easy to use, the updates in ‘Sour Worms’ include new ways to visualise workflows, and powerful updates to how fields are calculated. Let’s take a look: The new and improved Award […]

Three onboarding hacks every company can do

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Now more than ever, people join businesses that they believe in – identifying with the core values, vision and culture. Most organisations understand the value of a good recruitment process to get the perfect candidate, but then forget about the onboarding stage once a new employee is offered the job. There’s a tonne of research […]

4 ways Retail Zoo improved their seasonal new hire retention

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With the end of winter just a few short weeks away,  the inevitable countdown to summer trading begins. Businesses in the retail and hospitality sector alike are ramping up for the annual holiday hiring drive. As always, HR can expect a lot of extra work to support the holiday season – why should this matter […]

Engaging staff throughout the employee lifecycle

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The employee lifecycle model is a tried and tested tool to visualise all of your employees and how they engage with your business and brand. But as employees expectations shift, people are spending shorter amounts of time with companies. Let’s take a look at some interesting ways that employers can leverage each stage of the […]

7 Crucial Questions To Ask Your HR Software Provider

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We know selecting the right HR software solution can be a headache.  Even if you know exactly what you’re looking for, there are a lot of options out there, and more than one system may be able to do what you need. So how do you choose the right solution to grow with your business? […]

July ‘Picnic’ Product Updates

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With the turn of the new financial year, we’ve continued making improvements to how sensitive data is managed. With all the essential data that’s stored in HROnboard, it’s important to ensure that you have control over who can access specific information. With this month’s ‘Picnic’ release we’ve added a bunch of new features to help […]

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