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Introducing: SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting & Employee Central Integration

SAP SuccessFactors customers can now utilise the power of HROnboard for employee onboarding via our native integration with SuccessFactors Recruiting and Employee Central.

4 ways our new JobAdder integration can save you time

Manually re-entering information about a candidate during onboarding that has already been collected in the recruitment process is a waste of time. It also provides room for error and further precious time wasted to correct mistakes or worse, losing a great candidate....

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Sometimes you need a gentle reminder

We’ve all had the same experience. You’ve sent an offer to a candidate and are waiting with baited breath, which soon escalates to frustration when they haven’t completed the compliance forms. You're chasing payroll or IT to check if they’ve completed a critical...

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HROnboard Gummy Bears Update

While our Gummy Bears release might appear soft and squishy on the outside - it is packed full of really gooey-goodness! Let's take a look at the latest updates in our first release for 2018. Task Reporting In this Gummy Bears release, we've enhanced Task Management...

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HROnboard Liquorice Bullets Update

Liquorice Bullets is our 11th release for 2017! In our Liquorice Bullets release, we’re continuing our efforts to streamline functionality in HROnboard. We’re adding new functionality to 'Tasks', allowing them to be re-assigned to a new user or role. We've added new...

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HROnboard Pineapples Update

Pineapples is our 10th release for 2017! In pineapples, we’re continuing our efforts to streamline functionality in HROnboard. We’re simplifying how tasks are managed and presented for both back office users and new starters, adding a new Aurion integration, as well...

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HROnboard’s August Release

Sour Worms is our 9th release this year, and brings with it some exciting new features. Designed to make HROnboard even more powerful and easy to use, the updates in ‘Sour Worms’ include new ways to visualise workflows, and powerful updates to how fields are...

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July ‘Picnic’ Product Updates

With the turn of the new financial year, we’ve continued making improvements to how sensitive data is managed. With all the essential data that’s stored in HROnboard, it’s important to ensure that you have control over who can access specific information. With this...

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Control In HR: There’s A Reason For It

Control is a loaded word; for some even a pejorative term. However, when it comes to HR, control makes sense and at some point is a crucial part of the function. When it comes to control over data, HR departments are collecting and storing vast amounts of...

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Announcing Our TLS Migration

A little earlier this year, we announced our ISO 27001 certification - a means to ensure we are at the forefront of information security practices. Starting July 2017, we will be implementing the next part of our data security plan, our TLS migration. What is TLS...

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HROnboard Becomes an SAP Silver Partner

HROnboard is proud to announce that it is now an SAP silver partner. The partnership with HROnboard means SAP SuccessFactors customers can seamlessly integrate the HROnboard onboarding and engagement platform into the SAP SuccessFactors environment. SAP is committed...

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